Don’t you sometimes wish to meet someone who thinks like you, understands your challenges and problems? Someone who has done the same journey as you and is ready to listen and to guide you to success in business without any hidden traps?

I bet we’re a lot alike.

20131020-katya-2533 You’re leading a life of freedom and independence or perhaps just toying with this idea. You have mind blowing visions, unique expertise and want to share your wisdom with others and contribute to making big impacts to the development of the world.

Maybe you’ve finally decided that you had enough of a corporate life, 9 til 5 is boring now and you life feels unfulfilled.

Perhaps your circumstances have changed, you became a mum or moved to a new country and now your values and priorities have changed. You no longer desire what you did before.

Or you’ve already been working solo for a while and you find that something isn’t right, something is not working and it’s stopping you from achieving that hugely desirable goal of yours. You know your worth and expertise and you ask yourself why are you not there yet and why is this not happening for you ?

But maybe you’re doing really well in business, living the life of your dreams but you’ve hit the wall and don’t know how to make that next big leap to that next big milestone-add an extra zero or double your wealth.

Until now.

The glamour of our busy lives often wears off (at least for a time) as we get down to the business of creating soul-satisfying, successful lives for .

All of a sudden, you might find yourself feeling stuck, trapped in limbo.

That’s where I come in.

I can help you make your business dreams come true by offering easy to follow and implement, no-nonsense, actionable solutions that will allow you to:

Overcome challenges associated with finding the true meaning of you and discover your true potential

  • Select a niche or change it, to position yourself on the market in the most attractive and profitable way possible
  • Find loyal clients and keep them coming back for more
  • Start your own business as well as overcome uncertainty about how to do this while creating a balanced life to enjoy with family and friends
  • Deal with fear that it’s too late or just not possible to either start you journey as an entrepreneur or take that next big step to grow your business
  • Create visibility for your business to stand out from the crowd and increase your success potential
  • Access proven methods and business tools to leverage your time by creating easy to follow systems that actually work

As your Success Coach and Mentor, I’m here to offer you practical, step-by-step guidance through the process of resolving these unique problems so that you can get back to the joys of working in your business, not for it. And design a life that enables you to flourish—emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and professionally.

I don’t just talk the talk.  I walk the walk.

 I know exactly what you’re going through.  I’ve been in your shoes.



st.pI was born in Moscow in then Soviet Russia and I had the best childhood I could wish for. My parents didn’t have much but they gave me everything I needed to have-love, care, support, adventure, freedom of thinking and self expression- everything that has contributed to the woman I am today. I was a serious gymnast training for a Russian national team in artistic gymnastics as a child and I got selected to apply to become a ballerina at the Bolshoi State Theater ballet academy but didn’t get selected because my toes are of wrong length apparently. That was my first major taste of feeling let down by the outside influence and my interpretation of failure.

 My life totally changed when I turned 15 and left Russia without my family.  Even though I only knew 50 words in English, my parents shipped me off to an all-girls boarding school in the UK.

It was thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

I immediately fell in love with the international lifestyle and felt so alive in environments filled with eclectic people from different backgrounds.  I’ve been traveling the world ever since.

Secretly, though, I craved a mentor.

At times, I felt completely overwhelmed and alone, especially when I eventually settled down in Munich with my Irish husband (who got one of those juicy foreign assignments that you just can’t turn down) and started a family.

When you put down roots in a foreign country, you’re suddenly confronted with a host of problems quite unlike those you encounter when you’re constantly moving from place to place.

Even a veteran world traveler with the world’s most amazing husband can find herself feeling painfully lonely, suffering from culture shock, and struggling to make connections and find a dream job.

I really hit rock bottom a few years ago when I wanted to return to the workforce after taking off a few years to care for our adorable little girls.

I’d always been a professional hotshot—easily landing jobs in project management at major companies like BMW and overseeing international sales and marketing for a family run consumer electronics company. I was fortunate to be allowed to oversee and the help my Dad run his multi-million company from the age of 16 for nine years. Entrepreneurship and the taste of success and failure have been in my blood for more than a half of my life now!

But I was still struggling.

Yes, the rules and cultural codes associated with job-hunting in Germany were different.

But the struggle was, at root, an internal one.

I was trying to apply my old ways of searching for—and thinking about—career possibilities to my current situation even though my priorities had changed a great deal.

Like many of you, I felt stuck.

Once again, I longed for a mentor.

In the middle of all the inner turmoil, I happened upon Coach University and enrolled in their CEP program, which opened me up to a world of possibilities that helped me glide into this next phase of my professional journey.

I started my coaching business before I received my coaching certification recognized by the ICF. Starting my journey as a professional coach I landed a part-time lecturing job at a local college where I taught Organizational Behavior to first year undergrads (that’s where we teach management and leadership, motivation, team work, culture and communication which is a foundation to more advanced subjects such as Business Strategy). I never thought that would happen to me at this stage of my life!  Me, a mum of two and a foreigner with an accent – a professor?

I strongly believe that success doesn’t come to those who wait.

Since then, I have served many happy clients on and off line, learned and tested various business tools, connected with some of the most respected people in the industry and created a well respected name for myself.

That wasn’t a smooth journey either and I wish someone would have told me that at the start of my entrepreneurial ladder.

I changed or re-adjusted my niche three times in a space of two years, created and dropped an eight week long virtual program only three weeks in. Failed miserably, cried my eyes out, got up and carried on and hustled harder.
intro with meSo much so that in December 2013 I launched my second business, which is another passion of mine, a European business hub and community for women entrepreneurs called Her Connection In.

I love working with women entrepreneurs who are eager to succeed and are unstoppable. Are you that woman?



I’ve always been a great connector—helping women across the world get plugged into their communities so that they can thrive both personally and professionally.

As part of my extensive training and working with others, I developed a unique form of coaching that meets the special needs of women who want to stand out from the crowd and claim their wealth and success.

You might be wondering who the people that I work with are.

20131020-katya-2504I love working with women entrepreneurs who are eager to succeed and are unstoppable, who are ready to invest in their business and work hard to collect the juicy fruit of their work quickly but are prepared to wait for them patiently. Women who want to enjoy financial freedom and thrive in live.

I’m your success coach and mentor—the person who’s here to assist you in tapping back into your creative power so that you can design the life of your dreams and attract the wealth you deserve.

We’ll shift your attitude to open you up to the best possibilities, and we’ll create structures using my proven methods that are going to take you much further than you dare to think of now.


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“Confident. Intelligent. Witty. 
Brilliant combination of qualities for somebody who you can trust for advice and coaching. 
She makes you feel that you are a friend whom you have known for ages and doesn’t hesitate on sharing her knowledge of advice to you. Thank you for inspiring me! — Diah Ohlmeyer