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What if you could work with a coach who understands you and your challenges, who listens to you and offers non-absurd actionable solutions to your challenges? Someone who has knowledge and expertise of proven systems for creating clear, focused and accountable approach to making your vision thrive?

I offer a very specialized form of coaching that concentrates on the unique needs of women entrepreneurs who are ready to strengthen their businesses in order to create enjoyable, balanced and profitable lifestyles. 

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You have an opportunity to work with a woman mentor who has build her businesses from the scratch and created a fun, balanced lifestyle for her international family. And now I’m on a mission to support other women entrepreneurs to create wealth and success that they want and deserve in life and business.

Whether you’re just starting out or taking that next big step in strengthening your business, I offer various levels of support including group and personal mentoring as well as my ‘Signature’ program 100 Days to Boosting Profits and Wealth - your short cut to the next big milestone.

I dedicate myself to you and your goals, and I believe in the power of you.  



Need results fast?  Discover my simple yet smart ways to overcome your challenges and solve most disrupting problems in your business in just one hour.

My proven easy solutions have been time tested by many women entrepreneurs around the world and I’m sure they will serve you well too. We’ll zoom in on your existing goal so that you can transform it into a reality or zero in on a challenge so that you can pierce right through it.  You’re going to be amazed at what we can accomplish through our private one hour call.

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100 DAYS TO BOOSTING PROFITS AND WEALTH -your short cut to the next big milestone.

Does the thought of selling make you shiver? You’ve got the expertise and you’re trying so hard but just can’t make a close? I know just how to cure this pain of yours.

One thing I’ll tell you now, is that anyone, absolutely anyone can sell anything to anyone. I’ve masted sales at the age of 17 and have helped many others to understand how they can do the same.

Want to sell today without the yukky felling  of being pushy? Then you absolutely must read the following..

This extremely popular package is undergoing a makeover at the moment. Can’t wait for it to re-launch? Contact me to find out more.


You are ready to solve the puzzle and can’t wait to nail your success down. VIP SESSION is for you.
One day, you and me, solving your issues and overcoming your challenges to bring maximum success and profits to your business. This session is completely customized to your unique needs before we meet up live for a whole day.

You get my full attention and presence for one whole day 9am-6pm live in Munich, Moscow or Dublin (other main European destinations can also be arranged upon request).

Our meeting would take place in one of the top hotels and will include morning coffee/tea, lunch and afternoon snacks as well as two break times.

Want to take your business to the next level in just one day? Don’t delay contacting me right now here.